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December 2013 Issue

Good Housekeeping, December 2013

  1. Select a target range for weight loss, not a specific number. (Page 75) "People setting 'high-low' goals were more likely to stick to their diets than those chasing a single digit."
  2. Work your optimism muscles. Optimistic people "tended to have higher (good) HDL cholesterol and lower triglycerides, a risky form of fat in the blood." (Page 80)
  3. Hard luck family stories are good for us. "They let us know where we came from and reassure us that we have the ability to survive and thrive despite the fact that life is hard and people sometimes disappoint you," says Janet Simmons Claytor (page 88.)
  4. Fill in the gaps in your family's history using the scale at goodhousekeeping.com/20-questions (Page 95).
  5. Start shopping for Christmas and birthdays NOW! "The earlier you begin your shopping, the less you're likely to spend," approximately $250. (Page 111)

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