Y2R Adventure 10: Adult Halloween Party

What I did:  Go with my husband to an Adults' Only Halloween Party

When I did it: Oct. 26, 2013

Notes:  Oh, were there all kinds of obstacles to overcome.

  • The transportation from the official hotel to the party fell through. 
  • We had to hire a taxi; the driver dropped us off at the wrong party.
  • We had to recall her, only to have her almost run over the parking attendant at our party's dropoff. 
  • Attendant delighted in sending us the wrong way. 
  • Our taxi bill TO the party was over $30, split with another couple. AND 
  • We ended up having to walk in another mile.
  • We almost got turned away because we couldn't "walk" in. 
  • We waited in a long line to get into the event because there were 2 happenings at this location.
  • Then it took a while for the party to really get started.
  • Our hotel's transportation back was nonexistent. We paid the whole fare back not to get puked on by all the sh#$faced attendees. (We'd only had 1 drink a piece. Not so for most people.)
  • As for the hotel, not our usual fare. 
  • The circus crew stayed at our hotel. 

The Takeaway/What I learned:   Getting TO the fun can take all the fun out of your adventure IF you let it. We decided to have fun anyway and make it worth the time and money we'd spent.

Do Again?:   No. 

Rant:  Don't assume the Official accommodations are in any way near the event that it's sponsoring it.

Rave:  We rocked it and we looked cool. 

Words of Wisdom:  Don't get so wasted that you don't know if you had a good time or not.


The party was part of the Kersey Valley Spookywoods attractions for Halloween. http://www.spookywoods.com/

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