Y2R Adventure 8: Night Kayaking

Illuminated Standup Paddleboards

Fish below the boat
Casting Off from Ibis Bay 

Horseshoe crabs as seen thru clear kayak bottom

Crab, as seen thru clear kayak bottom

Crab, as seen thru clear kayak bottom

What I did: Go Kayaking at Night, in an Illuminated Kayak 

When I did it: October 6, 2013, while in the Keys on vacation


  • I am a nervous, beginner kayak. I think I've paddled maybe three times before. 
  • Night & water? No, usually. You know, Jaws, and that whole thing.
  • I was very sick on this whole trip. I almost didn't go across town for this adventure because I was so feverish.
  • These illuminated standup paddle boards and clear bottom, illuminated kayaks are very rare. Make it a must do when in the Key West area. 

The Takeaway/What I learned: 
 Then I decided that the cool air and the night diversion was the best medicine. I'm so glad I didn't let a setback keep me from experiencing this once in a lifetime adventure. I'm glad I pushed through.

Do Again?:  Absolutely.

Rant:  It's too far away to experience this beauty more often. 

Rave:  Maybe I'll try night kayaking in NC with spotlights & flashlights to see what's swimming around here.

Words of Wisdom:  If possible, push through any and all barricades to accomplish those lifelong dreams.


I challenge you to go have your own adventure this weekend!

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