Y2R Adventure 9: Wear a Bikini

What I did:  Wear a Bikini in Public

When I did it: While on vacation in Key West

Notes:  Even when I was skinny, I didn't wear a bikini. So although this picture is not flattering, it took a tremendous amount of willpower to get me to put on the bikini instead of the one-piece, take off the cover up, paddle in the illuminated group wearing nothing but my bikini (most had on normal clothes--shorts, tees, etc.) let my hubby snap this shot for this blog and post me in a barer state. 

The Takeaway/What I learned:   Really, we all have body issues. Be thankful your body works and you can move freely if you can.

Do Again?:  I'll try. I would like to buff up first.

Rant:  I wish I hadn't set this as a goal. 

Rave:  The freedom from other's expectations and my own felt good.

Words of Wisdom:  Get over it. Not even the celebs have knockout bodies without PhotoShop.

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