ESQUIRE 2/14 Pearls of Wisdom

ESQUIRE  2014:  "Weird Men"
Yes, I do have a subscription to Esquire Magazine. I bought it on the recommendation at the 2013 Write Now! Conference (sponsored by the Triangle Area Freelancers), featured speaker & past Writer's Digest Editor, Zachary Petit.

While I'm seeing some of the freshest, cutting edge writing, I'm learning a lot about men. Okay, some men.

Anyway, here's what I got from this issue:

  1. Helena Bonham Carter, Amy Sedaris & Dora The Explorer (!) make the few weird women list (page 13). Why Dora? Because she "seems a little young to be traveling with just a monkey."  LOL!
  2. Why is Johnny Depp's look "Brillant" and Aerosmith's Steven Tyler "Crazy"? It's a difference between intention and execution. "If...you're simply throwing this and that on and adding a little zing just for kicks...you're inching closer to insanity" (page 18).
  3. Even the "Sexiest Woman Alive 2013," Scarlett Johansson, has flaws:  "She always looks bewildered, regardless of the film's plot. It is as if she graduated from the Kristen Stewart school of acting," says the writer in a letter to the editor (page 21). Spot on ;)
  4. Jimmy Fallon has earned his place as the rightful heir to The Tonight Show's time slot. "...not long after he was born he began to study the men who came before him, and he practiced and he learned and he practiced some more. Before Jimmy Fallon talked for a living, he listened." (page 38).
  5. There is a perfect underwear for all you guys. See the flow chart on page 52 for help. This writer believes that a pair of boxer briefs might be the answer. They're practical, relatively attractive and help keep everything in place. (page 52)

And last but not least...
From their Men Survey:                 
  "A popular web site posts a nude photo of a famous male athlete, actor, or public figure. You...:
  • Ignore said photo. you have no interest in seeing another guy's junk, ever 61%.
  • Look at said photo discreetly. Nothing wrong with seeing what another guy is packin', especially if he's famous. 29%.
  • Look at said photo, and discuss it with your friends, coworkers, etc. 9%.
Go pick up an issue from the stands or the library.

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