Interview with Felix Onyi

I am soooo excited to introduce my first interviewee, Felix Onyi. Better yet, let him introduce himself. Don't forget to check out his inspiring twitter quotes at https://twitter.com/OnyiFelix .

Thanks, Felix!!

1 - introduction of myself
     my name is felix onyi a.k.a onyx, i'm a pastor in house on the rock. we are a vibrant multi-racial, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic congregation with over 7000 worshippers.

presently, i over-see one of our outreach arm known as the urban alternative service where we help, feed, empower and educate the down trodden in our society.
you can be part of it by visiting our website -- houseontherockng.com.

2 - i consider myself spiritual because i'm a spirit, i have a soul and i live in a body.

3 - presently i am living the life that God have called me to live. i am not there yet, but i am not where i use to be.
the one that surprises me is how far God has brought me.

4 - a christian goth should live a christ like life, that way they can affect the society positively.

5 - the most pressing issues facing people today is knowing who they really are and finding out the purpose why they were created.

6 - the father and God of my lord and savior jesus christ keeps me going .

7 - my hope for the future is to see myself fulfilling my life given assignment, which is to empower and encourage others to become all they are created to be.

8 - no question really.

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