Interview with Psychic Medium, Justin Chase Mullins

Q:           Introduce yourself.        
A:   I am Justin Chase Mullins, psychic, medium, paranormal researcher and writer.   I was born and raised in the Appalachian Mountains, in the small town of Clintwood, Virginia. The population of Clintwood is 1,000 people.  I am your typical guy, that just happens to have the psychic and medium abilities.  I love to work out, love sports,  and of course I love food.  I am not very "New Agey". I try to maintain a sense of realism and normalcy with what I do.  I am a featured adviser with Best American Psychics,  I am on their wall of fame,  the 2012 Psychic of the Month for November,  the 2013 Awesome Accolade Award Winner. I have appeared on Mysterious World TV.  I tour the country, doing gallery style readings and paranormal investigations.  I have been considered for a few television projects from producers and I am still being considered.  Although,  I don't base my success off of television. I have walked away from a few pitches in the past.  
Q:           Do you consider yourself spiritual or religious? Why, or why not?
A:           I consider myself to be spiritual.   I don't confine myself to the beliefs of religion. I am very guided by love and the desire to help other people. I know that there is an afterlife filled with powerful forces.  We are very powerful as well. We are souls/spirits in a human body. However, I believe that religion can be a great thing to give people the basis to change their life.  I have seen many people battle alcoholism,  drug use, womanizing,  only to find religion and change their ways. Religion provides structure and belief. The act of religion, praying,  and church is very higher vibrational. What I mean by that is simply the act of praying, raises a person's vibrations.   It raises people's moods to a level where we are not lower vibrational.  Symptoms of people that are lower vibrational consists of folks that battle drug problems, people that live in a world of fear,  hate and sadness.  The power of prayer and meditation are very key to raising vibrations. 

On the flipside, religion can be a very bad thing when it's used for war, and hatred. If you look back at the history of mankind, some of the most horrific wars and tragedies have occured because of religion. Look at the Holy Wars occurring in the Middle East,  the Crusades,  World War 2,   religion when used incorrectly is a very bad things. Fractions from the Cathlotic Church to the Knights Templar have abused their power under the guise of religion. 

Q:           What life roles do you find yourself living at this moment in time? Which one(s) surprises you?
A:  I really consider my life role to be similar to the show Highway to Heaven or Quantum Leap.  I "leap" into peoples lives to help them make change and I leap out.  This can range from relationships, to friendships, to associations.  Having the psychic and medium ability has really changed my life. I have the ability to help people make a difference in their life and to reconnect with loved ones.  I am very surprised with how my career has taken off.  I've had the chance to travel previously to such areas as Atlanta, GA,   Savannah, GA,   Wisconsin, Iowa, and on my plate for this year is Texas, New Hampshire, Mass and New York.  It's very humbling to get to share my gift with groups of people in different states. 

Q:           Do you consider yourself “Goth” (see http://www.wikihow.com/Be-Goth and http://www.wikihow.com/Be-a-Christian-Goth ) or “Gothic” as interested in the paranormal and curious about the darker side of life? Explain. What word(s) do you use to describe this/these traits?  
A:           I have always been a little bit "gothic". I have been attracted to the works of Shelly, and Poe in literature.  When I was growing up I went through a small phase of wearing black. I like how I look in black and darker colors.  But however,  I wear lots of earthy colors at the moment. I am from the Appalachian Mountains, but have more of a "city" taste in clothes and my lifestyle.  I am most comfortable in jeans, a v-neck t-shirt and leather jacket.   With my work, I am very much in the light. I connect with Spirit Guides and Angels that are in the light.  When I do paranormal investigations. I always experience a spiritual hangover from my energy being around potential dark forces. I always have to take a few days to readjust. 

Q:           What are the most pressing issues facing people today?
A:   The world can be a very depressing place if we allow it to be and dwell on it.   People cope with their depressions in many different ways from adultery, to drinking,  and drug use.  Many people live in a lower vibrational world of no-possibilities where happiness is based upon material things and at the same time "fame".  We live in a world where we worship figures in the media,  a world where we "want it", "gotta have" the latest technology craze. If people are unable to buy these items, then they seem to be a little depressed.  Old fashioned values are out of the window. In marriage,  people are more apt to cheat and leave the marriage. Instead of understanding that marriage is filled with good times and bad times. No relationship is perfect.  Instead of looking to solve problems, people are always making changes.  There is not enough love and good energy.   People truly need to come from a place of balance and higher vibrations.  That can be found in meditating, praying, and learning to take life with a grain of salt.  I have found that folks are more and more "sensitive" to energy. Suffering from anxiety attacks and general depression.  More people are having "spiritual awakenings" and becoming in tune with their natural abilities of intuition.  Folks, are failing to acknowledge these abilities and how to control them. That's why I believe there is so much more anxiety in people.

Q:           What keeps you going when you times get hard? (People, places, things, philosophy, quotes, songs, foods, etc.)

A:           After very draining readings. I tend to grab carbs and sugars.  I need to learn not to grab a bag of chips.  My comfort drink is coffee. It is my life blood what I "jokingly" wake up for in the morning.  I love food but I also love working out. I am in the gym about 5 to 6 days a week doing weight lifting. That is very meditative and therapeutic.   I love music.   I believe that I am one of the few heterosexual males that enjoy Gavin Degraw's music.  I enjoy music in general.  The song, "I dont wanna be" is my anthem.    I have to limit myself with hip hop music,  violent movies or violent video games.  This is due to my profession as a psychic and medium.  Anything with violent content or lyrics can affect my energy. If I play a large amount of Call of Duty for example, when I attempt to sleep or do a reading, in the third eye I will see Call of Duty images. I have to be in a place of positivity and good vibrations.  I really enjoy the work of James Van Praagh. He is really one of the people that I look up to spiritually. I really admire Chip Coffey as well. I had the pleasure of meeting Chip last year at an event that we did together.  Chip is one of the people that I look up to as a psychic.  He really puts it all out there in his public persona he is very authentic. 

One of my favorite quotes is from the movie Rocky Balboa, "The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It is a very mean and nasty place It will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me or nobody is going to hit as hard as life. But it ain't about how hard you're hit, it is about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, how much can you take and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done!"     

Q:           What is your hope for the future?
A:  My hope for the future in the psychic profession is that the public can have a better understanding of what I do.   The public perception is that we are all "fakes",  fortune tellers, and out to make money.  The work that I do is very serious and spiritual. Nothing like the public perception that has been brought on from such people as "Miss Cleo".   When I do a reading, I provide evenditial information.  What this means is,  I will give people numbers,  describe images,  sometimes names and objects that I have no way of knowing about. I take being a psychic medium very serious. Before every reading I meditate. I cleanse my energy with white sage and make sure that I am working in a place void of sound.  The slightest sound can affect the reading.   I really hope that the public can become more open minded to what psychics and mediums do. At the same time,  I really hope that the public can be better protected from psychics are "scams" or not "legit".  I have read of psychics taking thousands of dollars from people to remove "curses" and etc.  I was tested and certified by Best American Psychics for my ability. 

Q:           What is something about you that no one knows?
A: My Facebook friend and followers know me as the "pie man". I am always posting on Facebook about my love of pie.  My favorite pies are strawberry, lemon and coconut. Although, I try to limit my intake of carbs and sugars with dieting.  Though that hardly ever works out :).  I am the type that tries a diet for a few days and falls off of the band wagon.
See his talent for yourself. Check out his website at http://www.justinchasemullins.com/ .

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