Interview with Midas of Fedora Photo

Next up, Midas of Fedora Photo. Check out his twitter feed at http://twitter.com/FedoraPhoto 
and his website at http://t.co/OPLW0Q0fzG .  
On to the interview:

Q:           Introduce yourself.        

A:         My name is Tim but I’ve been called Midas since I was 13. 
Got the name from acting in a play in 7th grade. Twitter name @FedoraPhoto

Q:           Do you consider yourself spiritual or religious? Why, or why not?

 A:        I was at one point both spiritual & religious but in 2008 my views changed. 
Several events forced me to look at life differently and realized that good and evil 
are controlled from within and not from any external influences.    But I have to 
agree with the lyrics from Edie Brickell:  “Religion is the smile on a dog”

Q:           What life roles do you find yourself living at this moment in time? 
Which one(s) surprises you?

 A:       A pretty decent husband, proud father of a 14 yr old son, help desk tech, 
a part time night auditor, weekend photographer, occasional writer and guitar 
player always a smart-alec! As for the surprise it’s the part time job, I hoped that
 our family would be more financially stable so I could spend more time with 
everyone on the weekend.

Q:           Do you consider yourself “Goth” (see http://www.wikihow.com/Be-Goth and
 http://www.wikihow.com/Be-a-Christian-Goth ) or “Gothic” as interested in the paranormal
 and curious about the darker side of life? Explain. What word(s) do you use to describe 
this/these traits?

 A:       Although black is my favorite color, I’ll have to go with gothic! Not interested 
in the paranormal, but the dark side of life and what is hidden in all of us. I’d have to 
look back and say the fascination has always existed but it took a few people to bring
it out. My wife, who loves Halloween, brought out the “mad scientist” who loved to
convert our garage into a haunted house/lab and our yard into a cemeteryWatching 
classic horror movies non-stop and inspire me to write of creepy characters. Another person 
sparked my fascination into the darkness of human beings; what was inside of the minds
of Lizzie Borden, Ed Gein, Ted Bundy, etc. to turn to murder?

Q:           What are the most pressing issues facing people today?

 A:           LOL..it’s what to do with all of that lottery $$$. Seriously..it’s the opposite, how do you
stretch out a small paycheck so you can eat, give everyone (landlords, utilities, gas, doctors, cable,
etc.) their cut and have a few cents left for yourself.

 Q:           What keeps you going when you times get hard? (People, places, things, philosophy, 
quotes, songs, foods, etc.)

A:            Knowing that there are 2 people who love me and a dog that loves me but only when I 
have a leash in my hand.  Peanut butter and sometimes just letting the natural instinct to survive 
guide you through.

Q:           What is your hope for the future?

A:      My personal hope, it’s for my son to become an attorney (that’s my goal not his). He’s got the 
personality, charm and smarts to do well in the field.

And to work with a future Miss USA as a photographer! ;o)

I’d love to see us to turn off the TV, put down our gadgets and begin to see the world and its people 
through our eyes, not by what we’re told to see.

Q:           [What question should I have asked you? Who was the biggest influence in your life?]

 A:  My dad, but not for the usual reasons. He grew up in the rough mountains of Virginia during
the Great Depression so that influenced how him and how he treated his family. So I never got 
the impression of love and caring from him growing up and he died when I was 14. So I think the 
seed was planted that I would do the opposite when it was my time to be a husband and dad. 
I believe I’ve succeeded.

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