What I've Learned So Far From My Adventure Challenge Pt. 1

At the end of 10 challenges, I realize that I have already learned many things.

Some bad, some good: 
  1. Listen to your body and your intuition. Not wanting to disappoint my husband or rob myself of an awesome trip to Miami & the Florida Keys, I pushed past that wise voice telling me not to go and the pain of illness and a broken toe. Yes, I got to do some a-ma-zing things, but not without a steep price. 
  2. Make sure you're willing to pay the price for the adventure.  Four months later, multiple recurring instances of sinus infections, severe bronchitis, re-broken toe and my whole right side out of whack, I'm still healing, not healed. You may pay in another way. Think through the worst case scenario and decide if you're willing to pay that price, if the worst happens.
  3. Life needs adventure, not risk-taking to the point of jeopardy. Don't put yourself in danger to mark something off your list. You need to choose wisely and act with prudence. 
  4. Fear is the greatest reason for procrastination.  Gabrielle Bernstein talks about fears in Day 1 of May Cause Miracles :  "Each of us picks up fear from our past, and re-creates it in the present, then projects it onto the future." So any variation from the norm, like an adventure/bucket list is sure to bring up old/current/new fears. You might believe you're being wise in avoiding risks when you might be avoiding living. See fear through realistic eyes and plan accordingly.
  5. Breaking out of your comfort zone introduces you to the current version of yourself. Maybe the old you didn't like this thing, or you loved this other thing. But if something has changed, you may find yourself craving that thing you never though you'd like or being repulsed by one of your old faithfuls. If so, this is your current self telling you that you've grown beyond and you need more. Should you take a chance, or live confined? Only you know the answer.
  6. You'll never know what you'll find. A new hobby, friend, passion, calling. Aren't you curious?
Well, I'm only a tenth of the way through writing about my adventures. Time to catch you up by writing about the other completed adventures and take on new challenges. See you next Friday for Adventure #11.

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