Wise Words from Health Magazine, 12/13

  1. Being dehydrated by as little as 2 % (1-3 lbs) can lead to cramps, headaches & fatigue. Don't wait until you're thirsty to rehydrate. (page 48)
  2. Try Jin Shin Jyutsu, a form of Japanese light-touch energy therapy, to unlock blocked energy. To start, put right hand on top of head & left hand in between eyebrows. Take relaxed breaths for five minutes. (page 55, tip from Julia Millspaugh, RN)  . More help here http://jsj-holds.blogspot.com/
  3. In the aftermath of Newtown, check out 1simplechange.com to see what you can do to keep children safe. (page 60)
  4. "Being personal and specific about gratitude is more important than expressing lots of it." (page 89)
  5. Top 5 things Americans are thankful for (in order):  our families, our freedoms, good health, close friends & ability to practice religion. (Source:  John Templeton Foundation, page 89)

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