Interview with Shannon Morrow, Psychic, Clairvoyant+

Shannon, with co-founder of Wellavision & partner , John

Q: Introduce yourself.
A:  Hi!  I'm Shannon Morrow.  I keep myself busy as an artist, musician (percussion, drum circle facilitation, improvisation, and composition of unique soundscapes), meditation coach, clairvoyant reader (psychic), and intuitive development teacher.  I live in Durham, NC  with my love, John, and our 3 dogs, Lovey, Claude, and Maurice.  I enjoy vegan food and trips to the beach.  I love sun and warm weather.  In my next lifetime, I hope to master the harp, capoeira, and levitation.

Q: Do you consider yourself spiritual or religious? Why, or why not?
A:   I am vibration, energy, light, attention, awareness, and consciousness. I am composed of denser vibrations (the body) and lighter vibrations (the aura, my thoughts, etc.).   I experience  my spirit as the light, imagination, creativity, wisdom, truth, and ability to love within me.  I acknowledge this same light and vibratory quality in all things.  I am not beholden to any religious belief system.  I experience communication with God, and I know that I am how God manifests on the physical plane.

Q: What life roles do you find yourself living at this moment in time? Which one(s) surprises you?
A:    I'm actually playing with the role of “homemaker” right now.  Never thought that would be a role I'd be interested in.   I'm also a “Mom” to my dogs.  I'm a teacher and coach.   I'm a young person and an aging person at the same time.

Q: Do you consider yourself “Goth” (see http://www.wikihow.com/Be-Goth and http://www.wikihow.com/Be-a-Christian-Goth ) or “Gothic” as interested in the paranormal and curious about the darker side of life? Explain. What word(s) do you use to describe this/these traits? 
A:  I'm always interested in finding the “lighter” side of life, rather than the “darker”.  That's why I devote so much time and energy to my psychic practice, which is just awareness of energy and the ability to access my own answers rather than rely on information provided by others who have accessed their own answers (we all have our own truths).   I've always been intigued by the paranormal, including aliens, UFO's, spirit guides, and  spiritual or energetic healing.  

Q: What are the most pressing issues facing people today?
A:    Most of the people I work with are struggling to understand their meaning and purpose in the world, to create healthy boundaries for themselves,  and to find balance between their inward (receptive, intuitive), and outward (logical, assertive, analytical) selves.  Stress is a big one, obviously, and I believe that people are starting to wake up and realize that politicians and governments will not solve the world's problems, no matter who is in office in what part of the world.  That realization can create additional stress and confusion, as people struggle with what our next step in creating order, stability, safety, and harmony will be. 

Q: What keeps you going when you times get hard? (People, places, things, philosophy, quotes, songs, foods, etc.)
A:  Meditation is my golden key, along with my partner John, my dogs, and a few good friends and family members.  Experience teaches me that I will always be okay.  I remind myself of the many times I wondered whether my needs would be met.  My worries were always in vain.  Worries are “strawmen” to me.  I have them, but I have awareness that they are all stuffing with no substance.  I also sing quite a bit.  Silly songs for the dogs, made up on the spur of the moment:  ex:
Dogs why you scratchin'
It's no the fashion
You oughta be askin' for treats!

You're always itchin'
Quit that twitchin'
You oughta be beggin' for treats!

Q: What is your hope for the future?
A:  More beach time?  More sun?   I'm really ready for people to start exploring their own solutions our food, energy, and cultural/religious “hate” problems, rather than relying on laws, regulations, governments, police, military, corporate and religious leaders to make choices for us .  I guess my greatest hope is that we can all begin to release some of the fear that keeps us separated so that we can begin to work together to create prosperity, good health, and loving relationships for all.
What is our next step?  It might begin with saying “I don't know.   I'm open to possibilities, and I'm noticing that my neighbors are not all murderers and theives, so I think I'll be okay no matter what.”

Q:  How do you attain enlightenment?
A:  Listen to some some corny jokes and experience the “lightness” that vibration of amusement creates in your mind, spirit, and body!

My website:
Wellavision Healing Arts
“Turn off your television and tune in to your Wellavision!”
Psychic Readings, Meditation/ Intuitive Development Coaching and Classes
3500 Westgate Dr., (in the Westgate Plaza Office Park)
Suite 504, Office A

Durham, NC  27707

Note from GGG: I can attest that she is a phenomenally talented, trustworthy psychic/medium/clairvoyant/meditation coach. Call her if you'd like some clarity in person or by phone.

I'd love to hear from you, too. Yes, you! Please copy questions, answer them & email them to me at donna@starryskiesmedia.com . 

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