Y2R Adventure 13: Speaking in Public

Picture borrowed from my church's website. I wanted to show you where I spoke. 

What I did:  Speak in public with poise and confidence

When I did it: Last weekend, 03/16/14

Notes:  This was at the end of my new-ish's church's traditional service. The adult Sunday School class' leader asked if I, as the newcomer to the class, would speak with him and another member being interviewed to help increase attendance among the adult classes. I resisted, but said yes when no one else would step up. Together, the two of us shy about public speaking not only pulled off a great bit about class, we told some jokes and made fun out of a few unscheduled interruptions. We even had some classmates punctuate our remarks with a few interjected comments.  

The Takeaway/What I learned: 

  • That people want you to be yourself, even/especially during public speaking. 
  • That a little planning is good.We discussed which interview question I'd answer ahead of time. 
  • Stick with what you know. Those few practice minutes let me remember a true story about me and my boys all going to Sunday School class for the first time on the same day and the shared nerves we had walking into a sea of unknowns. I like telling stories, so this calmed my nerves.
  • It's best to do something scary with a friend.
  • Challenge yourself. I speak up more frequently in larger and larger groups. Eventually, I'll hope to be an inspirational speaker.

Do Again?
I need the practice, so yes!

Rant:  None. I'm proud of myself for accomplishing this one.

Rave:  I did it!! I spoke in front of a crowd of about 75 people :)

Words of Wisdom:

If you feel destined for something and there's a component you're scared of, take baby steps. For me, it was speaking to 1 other person, then in 1 small group, then 1 large group, then publicly, then in a larger public forum. Baby steps gave me the confidence to get to the next level.

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