Did Ya Know...?

Wisdom Gleaned from Good Housekeeping, January 2014:

Good Housekeeping, January 2014

  1. "A study at the University of Michigan found that when people were around greenery, tey could remember more and had better focus." If you can't get outside, bring the outside in with plants. (Page 24)
  2. Among apps to make life easier, I found Paperkarma. "This app helps eliminate catalogs, credit card offers, flyers and more." (Free, Page 28)
  3. A new toothbrush may help fight HPV. "People who rate their dental health as poor or fair are 55% more likely to have HPV infection in their mouths...." (Page 66)
  4. Shopaholics may benefit from renting instead of purchasing. One popular example, bagborrowsteal.com. (Page 85)
  5. Luck requires that you drop your negative thinking. No more seeing every bad thing as  permanent, pervasive or personal. (Page 90)


Did Ya Know...?

Wisdom Gleaned from O, The Oprah Magazine, Feb. 2014:
Cover photo from Feb. 2014

  1. There's a great set of interview questions on the "Contributors" page and asked of the contributors for that issue. That's a brilliant way to go even deeper with the people who helped shape that month's issue. This month's questions, for example, are a) favorite healthy foods b) guilty pleasure c)workout philosophy d) what you do for a pick-me-up e) craziest thing done in pursuit of health. (Page 12) **Would you answer shorter questionnaire's like these if I put them up?
  2. Anna Quindlen, one of my favorite authors, has a new book out. In "5 Things I Know for Sure", she says, "Motherhood is not a test." (Page 34)
  3. The real reason I buy this magazine:  Martha Beck's column. Her advice, from "I Know I Shouldn't, But..., release yourself from your self-sabotage cage, give yourself a little love, and let the incredible things that will happen happen. (Page 40)
  4. From Dr. Oz, beware these new risk factors:  insomnia, stress, high soda intake (8.5+ oz/day) and low vitamin D.(Page 46)
  5. "...[L]ove is not something we give, it's something we cultivate." (Brene Brown, Page 50)
  6. Do you have Angry Woman Syndrome, irritability and anger in response to stress? (Caitlin Moscatello, Page 78)
  7. "91% of Americans throw away food prematurely." Things with longer longer shelf lives than indicated by sell-by dates:  eggs, cereal, apples, deli meat & bread. (Page 88)
  8. For reflections on a bunch of health adventures, see main article starting at page 104.
  9. Pastor Rob Bell's beliefs on heaven, hell, God and life. (Page 120)
  10. Seriously, tear off the narcissistic cover and be enlightened. ;)


Y2R Adventure 15: I Colored My Hair

The Ombre Inspiration (*Note:  Photo NOT mine.)

The tools

The results 1

The results 2

The results 3

The overall look. It's brighter than it looks in this photo. (See earlier pics)

What I did:  Colored my hair

When I did it: March 2014

Notes:  I bought a temporary hair color because 1) my hair is very porous and holds on to color for a much longer time than expected 2) I dyed my hair blonde (actual color was strawberry blonde, and I loved it until... 3) my dark roots grew out in less than 3 weeks. I didn't want to have to hire a professional to fix my color.

The Takeaway/What I learned: I intended to color all my hair this color, but the first picture in this blog kept replaying in my mind. So I put streaks in instead. I prefer the strips as a test. Next time, I can color all my hair, or more.  

Do Again?:  Absolutely. Maybe I'll use 2 colors.

Rant:  Why did I ever pay anyone for streaks? Oh yeah, the lightening process is necessary for those vivid colors. Still, I like this almost as much. 

Rave:  So much fun being the artist of my own hair. 

Words of Wisdom:  Decide what's most important. For me, it was:

  • unexpected color, not a shocking change. I wanted subtlety over a gawk-worthy wow!
  • no/low maintenance.
  • easy application.
  • a more affordable option than salon color. 
Want to see the video of this post? Go to http://youtu.be/atXKvSkgIxk

Thanks for reading and watching.

?s for you:
Do you color your hair? Reasons? Results? Please speak up in the comment section.


Adventure Time!

Hi GGG Gals and Guys,

My family had a bout with the nasty norovirus, followed by one week of spring break, a birthday celebration, doctor appointments, and lingering tax/IRA chores... you know, life.

I'll be back to blogging more often as I catch up from those delays. Just know that while I'm silent, I'm getting healthier and crossing things off on my adventure list. Stay tuned, and may your days and nights be healthy, happy and fulfilling.

Until then, check out

  • my current YouTube videos HERE (I'll be getting a dedicated GGG channel soon)
  • my pinterest page - LOTS of fresh content HERE
  • my facebook page HERE
  • and my partial extended bucket list HERE

Till we meet/read/write again,


Y2R Adventure 14: Cooking Class

The Classroom

The setup for spectators

Souffle Setup

Wines I couldn't finish (L); iced tea; current course's wines (R)

Cheese Souffle

Baked cannoli prep in mini muffin tins

Baked Cannoli: Pistachio-Dipped (L), Chocolate and Hazelnut-Dipped (R)

What I did: Took a cooking class at the local gourmet food store
I did a live tweet during class. You can tell from the tweets when I could barely see :) And I'd asked for small pours! Others weren't so careful. No designated drivers and full pours.

When I did it: A Thursday evening in March


My husband drove me so that I could enjoy this Wine and Cheese class fully. Good thing he did. We tried 7 different wines, paired with various cheese-based edibles. There was a red and white for 3 dishes and a dessert wine with dessert. Each wine was from a traditional, family vineyard, not a mass-produced wine. The wines were fascinating. The complexity of the flavors were amazing, unlike any other wines I've tried. Not that I liked most, but I did love one white in particular. I bought it for me, as there are no other white wine drinkers in my family.

For the foodies and wine connoisseurs, our menu was:

Bleu cheese dip with crudites         
served with Herbauges La Legendiere Muscadet Grand Lieu, 2002 (*an OLD white, as most whites go bad when aged this long)
and Chateau Baudry Chinon Granges 2010 (*the oddest wine I've every tried! Very black in appearance and taste. Fermented in stainless steel casks and without tannins.)

Aged Cheddar Souffle
served with Fougeray Bourgogne Blanc, 2011
and Aviron Chenas Beaujolais

Four Cheese Panini
served with Coenobium, 2011
and Massolino Dolcetto (which means "little sweet one")

served with Laballe Doux, 2011, my favorite.
(Note: If you're having a dessert wine with dessert, the wine should be sweeter than the dessert.)

I can't tell you how much I learned about wine in this class from the sommelier! To tell the truth, I thought the wines would be paired with cheese selections. I'm glad these were foods we could serve, not just appetizers. 
Other interesting tidbits:

  • In Europe, the dessert wine IS the dessert. 
  • Most cheese dishes taste best when served with white wines, and vice versa.
  • My favorite whites were left to rest on its leaves, which gave it a complexity and depth unlike the newer, mass produced wines. 

The Takeaway/What I learned: 
Spectator food cooking classes are the best of cooking and eating; someone else creates and cleans up :)

Do Again? Absolutely. I've got my next one scheduled.

Rant:  They should put a warning on the classes with this much wine consumed. 

Rave:  So much knowledge in so little time. 

Words of Wisdom:   Whether you enjoy cooking or not, I suggest going to try a class for yourself.