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Wisdom Gleaned from O, The Oprah Magazine, Feb. 2014:
Cover photo from Feb. 2014

  1. There's a great set of interview questions on the "Contributors" page and asked of the contributors for that issue. That's a brilliant way to go even deeper with the people who helped shape that month's issue. This month's questions, for example, are a) favorite healthy foods b) guilty pleasure c)workout philosophy d) what you do for a pick-me-up e) craziest thing done in pursuit of health. (Page 12) **Would you answer shorter questionnaire's like these if I put them up?
  2. Anna Quindlen, one of my favorite authors, has a new book out. In "5 Things I Know for Sure", she says, "Motherhood is not a test." (Page 34)
  3. The real reason I buy this magazine:  Martha Beck's column. Her advice, from "I Know I Shouldn't, But..., release yourself from your self-sabotage cage, give yourself a little love, and let the incredible things that will happen happen. (Page 40)
  4. From Dr. Oz, beware these new risk factors:  insomnia, stress, high soda intake (8.5+ oz/day) and low vitamin D.(Page 46)
  5. "...[L]ove is not something we give, it's something we cultivate." (Brene Brown, Page 50)
  6. Do you have Angry Woman Syndrome, irritability and anger in response to stress? (Caitlin Moscatello, Page 78)
  7. "91% of Americans throw away food prematurely." Things with longer longer shelf lives than indicated by sell-by dates:  eggs, cereal, apples, deli meat & bread. (Page 88)
  8. For reflections on a bunch of health adventures, see main article starting at page 104.
  9. Pastor Rob Bell's beliefs on heaven, hell, God and life. (Page 120)
  10. Seriously, tear off the narcissistic cover and be enlightened. ;)

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