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Wisdom Gleaned from Good Housekeeping, January 2014:

Good Housekeeping, January 2014

  1. "A study at the University of Michigan found that when people were around greenery, tey could remember more and had better focus." If you can't get outside, bring the outside in with plants. (Page 24)
  2. Among apps to make life easier, I found Paperkarma. "This app helps eliminate catalogs, credit card offers, flyers and more." (Free, Page 28)
  3. A new toothbrush may help fight HPV. "People who rate their dental health as poor or fair are 55% more likely to have HPV infection in their mouths...." (Page 66)
  4. Shopaholics may benefit from renting instead of purchasing. One popular example, bagborrowsteal.com. (Page 85)
  5. Luck requires that you drop your negative thinking. No more seeing every bad thing as  permanent, pervasive or personal. (Page 90)

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