Animal Symbolism

I've spoken before on the importance of repetitive or unusual animal sightings. I believe it's the Native American Indian in me combined with my love of animals. 

Whatever my reasons, I think animal symbolism and totem animals are worth exploring for everyone looking for more insight. If you start looking, you'll notice whatever signs speak to you. You might be city bound, and not have the ancient wisdom of nature speaking to you. Then pay attention to the things in your environment.  

For those with multiple animal sightings and encounters, no, you're not crazy. I'll let What's Your Sign website take care of the full explanation. I'd emphasis this quote from them:

They aid in self-discovery and capture our imagination, giving us incredible avenues of self-expression and awareness.

For example, in the past week, many animals presented themselves to me. Many I that I had seen close up once before (we had a groundhog that used to live in the yard of our previous house). This particular week, I saw groundhogs EVERYWHERE. I finally looked up their symbolism. Once I internalized some of the applicable knowledge, I stopped seeing them. 

Others, like the spider, are my previous dominant totem animals. On the whole, my week's animal showing looked like a Noah's Ark remake...So I paid attention. I fully expect the stream of living creatures to go back to their normal behavior, but if my meditation is any indication, not yet. I still have more to learn.  

So here's my Animal Roster for the week:  



I thought I'd know this obvious one, but the details revealed way more than I ever expected. 

But since the one I found was a woolly worm type, specifically a Black Leopard Moth, I found even more specific meaning here:

House Wren 
(http://www.whats-your-sign.com/celtic-meanings-of-wren.html )
http://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/house_wren/id) who hopped up to the window when I spoke to it to show me his/her twig and the decision on where to build a nest. 

Walking Stick Insect 

So, what animal is showing up for you? Find out what they're trying to tell you at a my two favorite sites, 


  1. Thank you GGG for the great article. This week, i have encountered:

    Bunnies......lots of bunnies!!!!!

    Goats.....two goats sharing the front seat of a pick-up truck...munching on paper towels.

    Snake!!!! can't tell if poisonous....not getting close to find out.

    Owls - Didn't see them, but they sure made alot of noise outside the bedroom window in the middle of the night!

    1. http://spirit-animals.com/rabbit/
      Rabbits typically signal abundance

    2. http://spirit-animals.com/goat/
      Goats usually mean a new endeavor. Watch your footing.

      Goats in a pickup signify city farmers who've made their livestock pets! Cute, though, I'd bet.

    3. http://www.shamanicjourney.com/article/6006/snake-power-animal-symbol-of-death-rebirth-eternity-mysteries-of-life-psychic-energy
      Snakes signify sensuality and transformation. Nothing to fear.

    4. http://www.universeofsymbolism.com/symbolic-owl-meaning.html
      The general meaning of the owl is silence, wisdom & keen observation.

    5. Put then together and I believe that a new opportunity is headed your way. Be careful & make wise decisions and it should be a success.
      Thanks for chiming in.

  2. Lots of activity for you! Let me look up their meanings and I'll see about an interpretation for all that unusual activity. Thanks so much!

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