Tarot Cards and Reading

Hi readers,

I bought myself a new angel tarot deck!

Please watch HERE as I introduce you to my 3 dependable decks and the differences (to me) between them. Around minute 8:30, I do a sample reading. Very accurate, especially for a new deck.

Also Please comment on the video. Did you like the content? Want to see more? Me out of the picture, like this video? Or me in the picture?

Would you like me to do a reading for you? Email me your question/situation that you'd like some insight into. I'll video tape your reading, but you may remain Anonymous.

I'm looking forward to practicing. I'm hoping you're looking forward to some clarity.

Thanks so much.


  1. I really enjoyed the video and want to see more with you in it....although you have to ramp up your goth image!!!! Thank you.

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