Y2R Adventure 16: Do a 4k

What I did:   Jog/Walked a Color Run 4k with my husband and children, a 1st for all of us!

When I did it:  First weekend of May 2014

Notes:  The 4k was the same distance as our favorite walk AND it was an untimed, COLOR Fun Run! 3 local charities got the registration money. We got to train as a family, experience this first adventure together, throw colored cornstarch at other people and get colored as we ran through color showers.

The Takeaway/What I learned: It's quite fun running with someone and doing these kinds of firsts with family.

Do Again?:  I suspect this event might become a yearly tradition. 

Rant:  Don't ignore the pounding headache before a run. It only makes it worse afterwards. By not taking my migraine medicine the night before, I had that nasty migraine creep up and settle in for 3 days. Thank God for Relpax. 

Rave:   I/We did it!!  

Words of Wisdom:  I could have walked that distance without training. But because I intended to run parts of it, I signed up for cardio and weight training to help me through. It worked! And now I'm on a schedule to keep on training and keep on running.

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