Y2R Adventure #17: Past-Life Regression

What I did:  A  Past-Life Regression Using Doreen Virtue's CD, Past Life Regression with the Angels
Past Life Regression with the Angels, by Doreen Virtue

When I did it:  May 12, 2014 The Monday after Mother's Day

Notes:  Having taken many meditation classes, I have learned to go very deep very quickly, almost like a trance. With this recent experience, I was curious what this experiment would reveal. I'd only done one other past life regression, over 20 years ago, to a Dr. Brian L. Weiss tape, when I didn't know how to sit still without fidgeting.

What happened:  I got completely relaxed and went limp, so much so that I had to slide down in my chair to ensure that I wouldn't fall out.

Question:  The question I verbalized was, "What is my mission in this life?" The underlying question was, "Why do I keep getting these horrible migraines?" I think both questions were answered.

Following Doreen Virtue's promptings, I allowed myself to "go back" to previous lives. Whether I really believed that I'd lived them were irrelevant to the benefits that I could get.

Here are the visions of my past lives:

1.  I was a robed man. I stood with a group of four other men with the same shoulder length, dark hair. We were in a crowded area, like a marketplace, talking is hushed whispers about the papers in our hands. From the sights, I'd say we were somewhere  in the middle eastern region, maybe "Pakistan." Other than the paper, I had no clue as to the time. I read aloud from the papers in my hand. They listened eagerly, but were scared or in disbelief. A ruckus emerged from the crowd. I was taken away.

2.  When Doreen asked me to leave that life in that time period and go deeper into another life and time, I appeared  in a lush, tropical locale, in a white-walled palace. I was upset and pacing. I saw my reflection briefly in a mirror. I wore a white, flowing dress. From my surroundings, I seemed to be of royalty, in Persia (similar looks: http://apranik.blogspot.com/2009/10/persian-female-warriors.html  and  http://www.persepolis.nu/).My companion, who seemed to be my bff in this lifetime, tried to calm me down. Then men broke into our room and struck me in the head so hard I hit the floor. I died in a pool of blood on the tiles.

My conclusions:
My life's mission:  Unclear. But because I saw two lives that ended with me knowing something that got me hurt, jailed or killed, I suspect that I'm once again a harbinger of painful realities and truths that are/will be unpopular. What that means for my life? I believe I need to proceed with caution. Throughout both lives, it felt like I was a keeper of hard truths, a role that got me killed.

My headaches:  The blows that caused the female's death were in the exact location of most of my worst headaches. To note:  I went into this meditation with a headache that had lasted for four days, and the week before, I'd had a migraine for 3 days. This current headache was as strong as any migraine, but seemed to originate at the base of my head and neck and didn't "migrate". A pinched nerve, perhaps? I had been working out at the gym the past few weeks, and my headaches had been coming back more often.

I knew that Dr. Brian L. Weiss had used past-life regression to heal his clients of lifelong miseries, like my eternal headaches. So far, I was headache free for one glorious day. It's trying to come back at the base of my skull (where at its worse, it feels like someone has bashed my head in), so I believe more of these meditations may give me a medicine-free way to heal itself.

The Takeaway/What I learned:   Past-life regression is yet another tool in my meditation toolkit. Whether my visions are "true" or not, as Doreen Virtue says during the intro, I do believe it does let us heal our psychic and physical wounds.

Do Again?:  Yes.

Rant:  None.

Rave:  Doreen Virtue is very good at guiding you through her meditations.

Words of Wisdom:  Get comfy. Make sure you can't go limp enough to hurt yourself. Make sure that you feel secure enough in your regression location so you can let go and go deeper into meditation. Yes, it's okay and somewhat predictable to cat nap.

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