Y2R Adventure 18: Make Bubble Tea

What I did:  Made Bubble Tea, an Asian drink made with sweet black tea with tapioca pearls

The  Bubble Tea setup:  recipe and tapioca pearls

Reconstituting the tapioca pearls took the longest time.

Sweetened Black Tea with cream and tapioca

When I did it:  Wednesday, May 14

Notes:   I had spent most of the morning sorting old, unused recipes torn from magazines from the "recipe cabinet" where they were overflowing. (I told you I had a paper clutter problem.) Recipes to keep and recipes to try are supposed to be bound in a 3-ring binder, but I had run out of room.

In going through them, I found a mix of old and new clipped recipes I really wanted to try. One was Bubble Tea. When I was done sorting, hole punching, filing and recycling, I'd been sitting a long time. I needed to move, but I wanted a caffeine jolt and something tasty to drink. Since I was trying my hardest to ignore the sodas intended for future parties stacked in the cabinet, I decided to make sweet black tea. (For health reasons, I use minimal regular sugar or a mix of real and artificial sweeteners.)

It occurred to me that I could make myself something special from the recipe I'd saved. Since I was also in the middle of "the pantry purge", I knew where the tapioca pearls could be found. So before I could lose either the recipe or tapioca, I set out to make myself some bubble tea.

I'd been craving that sugary Thai tea from Tara Thai in Maryland, but I couldn't imagine going to the local bubble tea place for just tea. Yes. I'm surprised as you that we have one dedicated restaurant for it (http://www.chillbubbletea.com/). Looking at the menu now (http://www.chillbubbletea.com/bubble-tea/), I may seriously have to make a trip there to try another variety.

The Takeaway/What I learned:   In my recipe, reconstituting the took is the most time consuming.

Do Again?:  Absolutely. 3 out of 4 of us loved it.

Rant:  None.

Rave:  Yum!

Words of Wisdom:  Go light on the sweetener. It's a VERY sweet concoction by nature.

Have you ever tried it? What's your favorite flavor?

Bottoms up~

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