Y2K Adventure 19: DIY Plumbing Repair


What I did:   A DIY Toilet Repair

When I did it: A few weeks ago, on the weekend


DIYer It's not like I've never done toilet repairs before. The last few times I was nervous and couldn't quite figure things out. In the end, I needed to get someone else to complete the job. 

I was fairly certain of the problem this time. Although I'd never replaced this particular toilet part before, I felt certain that I could. But if I was wrong, if I failed, we'd have big leaks that would cascade to the first floor. I was torn between confidence and nervousness. 

History of Fear  

Last Time Just before we moved here, we sustained major damage from a broken water main outside that drained back inside into the lower level of our last house. That one, uncontrollable, unstoppable accident cost us many hours of physical labor and many dollars to repair and replace what insurance wouldn't cover. 

The part that haunted me most:  the kids had discovered the damage. They'd stepped into the playroom, and the floating floor squished under their feet. Water was rising up to the outlets. What if there had been a tragedy? I had trouble getting over that particular one. 

Then there was the insurance. They blamed the homeowners, citing a water main break outside the house as a "preventable" occurrence. I cried lots of tears in frustration those few months while we labored long into the night to tile the 20 X 20 ft. space. Before we were done, we had copper pipe leaks .in a bathroom above this area. DC Metro area was famous for this problem. Still, we had to split our resources and start tearing out the bathroom before we'd finished the basement. 

I haven't made any plumbing repairs since.

This time
Last time, the problem was beyond our control. This time, the potential success or damage would be directly dependent on me. 

It took me one week to get myself to the store, and another two weeks up to try the repair. It's silly, I know. Yet I faced my fear, took a chance that I could conquer this situation, and...succeeded. Done and done.

So while this adventure wasn't glamorous, it got me back into the DIY game. For that, I'm grateful.
The Takeaway/What I learned: Sometimes you have to try and try again.

Do Again?: As a homeowner, it's very likely.

Rant:  None.

Rave:  I saved so much $ by doing it myself.

Words of Wisdom:  Consult books, articles and video before starting DIY projects.

What's your silly fear/obstacle? How did you overcome, or plan to overcome? How do you buck up for those irrational, little things? Please comment below. 


  1. Consulting books, reading articles, and watching videos is pretty much the best route for a successful DIY process. Failing at the first attempt shouldn’t keep you from trying again. If you really want to learn the procedures, then the key is to be persistent until you get things right. Good luck with your future projects!

    Lovella Cushman @ Perfection Plumbing

  2. Your DIY plumbing repair feat is very inspirational. It’s not really that easy to do things on your own because you can experience frustrations, especially in the beginning, but at least, you did it and didn’t stop trying until you succeeded. That is something to be really proud of. Thanks for sharing that! Kudos and all the best to you!

    Diana Miller @ Plumber Perth


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