Y2R Adventure 20: I Joined a Gym

What I did: Joined a Short-Term Gym for 6 weeks


  • to train myself to jog for longer periods for the upcoming 4k with my family 
  • to get myself back in an exercise habit, post-asthma diagnosis crisis
  • to learn new weight training moves so that I couldwould do weight bearing exercises on my own
  • to get some social time with some new acquaintances
  • to lose weight
  • to tone and build muscle
  • to get back into my skinny clothes 

When I did it: Mid-April to Mid-May

Notes:  I used a prepaid, discount coupon to make it more affordable. Going into this adventure, I knew from my past experiences that I didn't want to go longer than my 6 weeks. Drive time seems like such a waste of time. Besides, I have a dog who'd love the extra exercise.

As it turned out, I quit before my last week, after ditching a session or two. The workout, while very effective, was too strenuous for me. Even with modifications, I ended up with exercise induced headaches. The 30-minute running on a treadmill, followed by a kick-ass weight training workout, was just too much for one session. I came home exhausted (normal), too exhausted to do my work and chores and too exhausted to work out the next day (not good for a mom and writer). Now you know one of the reasons why my blog postings dwindled to nothing.

The Takeaway/What I learned: Know your body.  I know that I have headaches, muscle weaknesses from prior injuries and  my asthma to contend with. I know I need to do cardio + weight training to stay healthy. I know that I can accomplish the same things in my home, IF I do it.

Do Again?:   At that gym, probably. At  home, yes. 

But I know all about slacking off, so,

I promise to myself, my husband and my kids that I will continue to do both cardio and weight training workouts. Together those workouts optimize my energy and life. I will lose the excess weight I accumulated when asthma attacks disabled my life. I will continue to challenge myself physically so that I can grow stronger.I will continue to increase my health so that I don't miss out on any adventures.

1. Darn headaches. I took all the precautions I could and still they waylaid my efforts.
2. In spite of breathing properly, pacing myself, making modifications, taking my medications correctly, drinking protein shakes and eating every 2-3 hours to keep my blood sugar up, and drinking enough water to be well-hydrated, I wasn't able to budge the number on the scale. 

**Update since post was written:  The numbers are finally going down with a more frequent (near daily) moderate workout using the exercises I learned at the gym.

Rave:  I see the muscles coming in. Then one morning, I took the dog for a 4k jog/walk session for no reason other than I wanted to jog. I repeat, I wanted to jog. Then I went even further, faster without the dog. Don't look now! I think I might be becoming an occasional jogger. I will continue to jog occasionally, mixing in other activities to keep my exercise routine fresh. I will reach my health and weight goals.

Words of Wisdom:

Try and try again. Yes, I'd done--and quit--the gym thing before. This time, I selected a realistic time period and I went long enough to learn what I needed to know.

Know yourself, especially what motivates you. When my workouts took me away from the reason I'd started--to enable myself to spend MORE quality time with my family--I knew I had to end things early.

How do YOU stay healthy? Do you exercise for the fun of it and/or for the health of it? Please comment below.

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