Y2R Adventure 22: Allergy Testing

What I did:  Got allergy tested after decades of chronic allergy and sinus problems.

When I did it: April 2014

Notes:  I found out that I wasn't allergic to the things I thought I was allergic to. Those things are "irritants," not true, histamine-producing allergies.

The Takeaway/What I learned: Don't shy away from things you're scared to do. Get it over with and deal with reality. 

Do Again?:   If they don't find my food blood tests, yes.

1)  The office personnel of this doctor was atrocious. Mistake after mistake. Too bad. He was a great ENT, as were everyone who treated/tested me for related things.
2)  They lost my food allergy test results, if they ever did them.
3)  I'm allergic to cotton?!
      ***They kept my blood long enough to reorder the food testing. Turns out I'm allergic to oats and hazelnuts, too.**

Rave:  I'm not allergic to my dog :)

Words of Wisdom:  "Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood."  Marie Curie

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