Forced R&R While Deadline Looms!

What's happened:  As I was completing adventures, I started having some unusual physical symptoms. After some testing, I've been told it's all related to my old, old neck injury. Luckily, I caught it in time so I can do something about it.

How it affects you:  My time at the computer is limited. My posts will be less frequent.

How it affects my Year of 100 Adventures:  I may not finish my list of 100 by my deadline near the end of September. I will tally them and keep writing them up as health permits

What you can do for me and your fellow readers:  

  1. Share some good pins with me at http://www.pinterest.com/donalynr/
  2. Give me your best summer book recommendation in the comments. 
  3. Tell me what you like most about summer.
  4. Tell me what you're looking forward to this fall.
  5. Email me with a pic and a little about yourself to be profiled here. (see below)

Thanks & happy summer! Stay healthy.

***I'm looking for a few good GGGs.***
While I'm on hiatus, would anyone like to be profiled? I'm looking for why YOU are a GGG? Email me at donna@starryskiesmedia.com and we'll figure out your best presentation.

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