Happy Belated Birthday!!

To Me, Happy belated birthday to me :)

It was a long, hard, painful summer. Nothing that I wanted; nothing I could avoid. It was a summer of lessons to learn. And I did. Throughout my hijacked days, I reconsidered life and my place in it. What was I doing right? Where was I failing? How could I be healthier and happier?
Interestingly enough, they were the same questions that had started my Year to Remember! I just didn't expect the answers to come the hard way. Oh well. 

It is what it is. 

  • I didn't get through my 100 adventures. 
  • I did get behind in my daily life, in my professional life and in my fun. 
  • I encountered massive setbacks due to unforeseen health complications from a prior injuries. 
  • I had to restart and revision.

Because I didn't give up...

I found:  

  • a new career.
  • a more concrete set of guiding values.
  • renewed, empowered relationships.
  • a personalized version of truth.

After these key adventures,

  • scheduling a reading with a clairvoyant
  • taking metaphysical classes to learn how to "see" better
  • using my insight to give police detectives some insight into open cases

I have reconnected and, more importantly, EMBRACED my spiritual gifts. 

I have decided to follow in the footsteps of those early Christian mystics. Through my gift of discernment and my highly attuned, intuitive insight, I will be trying to help as many people as I can deepen their own Divine gifts and use them to honor God. 

As such, I am going pro!  I will be doing healing clairvoyant and intuitive readings, teaching others how to consider how the Divine acts in their lives, and encourage others to consider the methods of the Christian mystics (and others) to deepen your faith and deepen your connection with others. 

Stay tuned for more. I'm slowly catching up with my adventure postings and moving ahead in setting up my business. 

Thank you for coming along on my journey. I hope it will continue in an even greater way.

Blessings to you and yours,
Donna, aka GodGirlGoth