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Clairvoyant, Intuitive Medium, Donna Lynn, announces the grand opening of her
Spiritual Life Coaching and Mediumship Practice


GGG/ aka Donna Lynn has spent all her life helping others “see”. Now she’s ready to help you!

What she does:
Here’s a sampling of what others have gained/learned through private readings:

·         A past life reading revealed that, although a woman had lost the same fiancĂ© in another life, she was not doomed to repeat the heartache.
·         A fellow student was introduced to her spirit guide, the powerful Thunderbird.
·         A mourner got to experience a sense of the homecoming her loved received when they crossed over.
·         Forewarning and quick, protective action let one client protect her home from a serial arsonist.
·         Foresight allowed one client to take conducive actions that led to a new dream job and interstate move.
·         Tips to police about unsolved murders led detectives to broaden their search to find a serial killer.
·         Many hello’s and confirmations from loved ones on the other side.

How and why she does it:
Donna Lynn recognized she could see, feel and hear things others couldn’t when she was still in the crib. Her understanding of her abilities came later, at the wake of a family friend. The spirit of a woman standing at the head of the casket explained that the wax-like figure in the coffin was her body and that others couldn’t see her standing there, watching her own funeral.

Donna Lynn’s abilities broadened and deepened in her teens, until a car accident left her with amnesia. After decades of navigating the world spiritually, through intuition, clairsentience, and the gift of discernment, she miraculously recovered most of what was taken away.

Since then, Donna Lynn has consulted with and coached people through an array of complicated situations. Although her practices are anchored in her Christian traditions, she helps her clients navigate their own spiritual waters, within their own religious traditions and preferences, and by teaching them to find and trust their own intuition and personal connection to the Divine, even if they believe they don’t have any.

Donna Lynn has further developed her skills through classes at Friends of Christ School of Christian Spirituality and Wellavision’s Psychic Meditation and Clairvoyant Training classes. She’s ready to help you live a spirit-filled, divinely-led life by connecting you to all your gifts and helpers.

Services and Introductory Prices for 2014

Donna Lynn is proud to offer these Introductory Prices, good until the end of 2014! In addition, prepaid, discounted packages are available for savings on readings, coaching and classes.

            Coaching or Snapshot Readings (with Minimal Medium Messages):
            (May include:  spirit animals; spirit guides; chakra blockages or imbalances; energy drains; guardians; past lives; an overview of your energy and spiritual life; a look at what’s working well and what needs improvement; tailored actions you can take to correct imbalances; etc.)
My goal is to equip you with the tools to navigate your spiritual life.
                        Intro Price:  $60                 Will be $75

Mostly Medium Readings
            A single person, 50-minute reading specifically scheduled to hear messages from loved ones who have crossed over.
                    Intro Price:  $85                 Will be $100+
(Note:  Families of the Missing or of Unsolved Murders are urged to contact me for help. I will work with them on affordable pricing in an effort to bring them peace.)

BFF Quick Read
                Nervous? Bring a friend and split a 40-minute Snapshot Reading.
                   Intro Price:  $45                 Will be $60

25-Minute Tarot or Angel Card Reading
Through my clairessence insight, see what the cards have in store for you. 
Intro Price:  $30                 Will be $60

House Smudging/Blessing with White Sage
            Clear negative energy and recharge your residence with healing energy. Perfect for a new start in a new home or to dispel the stagnant energy in an older one. (Notes:  1. I am not a member of clergy. 2. Hauntings are another matter entirely. There is significantly more risk involved. I will be glad to consider those cases by phone and give you a personalized quote.)
                        Intro Price:  $150             Will be $250

Contact Donna Lynn
by email at walks.in.spirit.llc@gmail.com
or by phone (919) 904-4006.

Make your appointment today!

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