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Mostly Medium Readings
            A single person, 50-minute reading specifically scheduled to hear messages from loved ones who have crossed over.
                    Intro Price:  $85                 Will be $100+
(Note:  Families of the Missing or of Unsolved Murders are urged to contact me for help. I will work with them on affordable pricing in an effort to bring them peace.)

My GGG exclusive price:  $70

Coaching or Snapshot Readings (with Minimal Medium Messages):
            (May include:  spirit animals; spirit guides; chakra blockages or imbalances; energy drains; guardians; past lives; an overview of your energy and spiritual life; a look at what’s working well and what needs improvement; tailored actions you can take to correct imbalances; etc.)
My goal is to equip you with the tools to navigate your spiritual life.
                        Intro Price:  $60                 Will be $75

My GGG exclusive price:  $45


Below is a sample of what I've done for others. Now I'm ready to help you!
I know money may be tight. 
That's why I've lowered my cost to make this gift accessible to everyone. There is no other authentic medium working at this price, so take advantage of 
GGG's Grand Opening special prices before they expire.
Schedule today for my lowest prices ever!

Contact me 
at walks.in.spirit.llc@gmail.com
or by phone (919) 904-4006.
Make your appointment today!


What I do:
Here’s a sampling of what others have gained/learned through private readings:

·         past life reading revealed that, although a woman had lost the same fiancĂ© in another life, she was not doomed to repeat the heartache.
·         A fellow student was introduced to her spirit guide, the powerful Thunderbird, and her tribe in a past life.
·         A mourning mother-to-be experienced the homecoming her beloved baby received when he crossed over.
·         Forewarning and quick, protective action let one client protect her home from a serial arsonist.
·         Foresight allowed one client to take conducive actions that led to a new dream job and interstate move.
·         Tips to police about unsolved murders led detectives to broaden their search to find a serial killer.
·         Many hello’s and confirmations from loved ones on the other side.


What can I do for you?

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