Disappointments and New Beginnings - A Book Writer's Life

So it looks like my memoir won't be published traditionally.

It's a lot to take in a year and a half of hard knocks. Do I self-publish? Do I give up? Do I write pieces of it as articles and hope an editor/publisher somewhere reads it and has to publish it?

I've played this game before. I have a computer full of unpublished book manuscripts, mostly for children's picture books, that ranged from close, not at all, and made it to the last round before being cut. The publishing industry has narrowed to celebrities and those with big platforms. I'm old school; I read old school. I'm not sure I'm cut out for an industry that likes the writing but doesn't see enough profit.

While the new year approaches, I'll decide whether to let old dogs lie or cut all ties with my writing past or publish it in some form or other. It truly is the best writing I've ever done. It deserves to see the light of Kindle and Nook and hardback....A decision another time.

How about you? What do you have to let go of? What will you drag kicking and screaming into 2015?

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